Community CC Al Huson

Empowering and reminding the women of AlHusn of their positive role in society

AWT held a lecture to encourage new gender roles, ways of approaching children violence and healthy ways to counter symptoms post-traumatic stress disorder. 

4 March 2017  


Al- Husn –  This meeting was held in the ACCTS community center of Al Husn whereby our AWT staff, Basma Gammoh lectured at this event. Fifty-four women of whom were Jordanian and Syrian refugees attended this lecture and left feeling very uplifted. 

The topics addressed sought to highlight important internal and external roles of women. Also, if hoped to encourage women in providing new methods to deal with their problems. Many women face child violence and symptoms of PTSD in their families as a result of the violence they endured and witnessed in their war-torn countries. 

Women were encouraged to find a source of income to support their family and become economically independent to some extent. Also, Basma highlighted ways to keep relationships healthy by placing boundaries and communicating one's emotions to one another. Moreover, women were educated to read books and educate themselves on important topics. Lastly, Basma spoke about the importance of child encouragement. She stressed upon how mothers should remind their children of their self worth, and ability to accomplish anything if they put their minds to it. 

We hope that through this positive encouragement, these empowered women also ignite a sense of hope and ambition in their families to strive for a better future and harmonious family life.

During the event, many women participated with laughter and joy filling the room. Women also made pledges for change, in which they realized areas of their lives where change needed to take place. 

One attendee mentioned: “You expressed my life in words: To say the truth. I have been too connected to my children to the extent where I have been neglecting my husband. I will change this negative attitude and I hope to treat my husband better”. 

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