Eureka: Epistemology and Investigating the Truths


Genuine Citizenship

Eureka, Epistemology and Investigating the Truths


To provoke the younger generation to be good citizens, ACCTS has initiated and launched this youth conference the first time in Nov. 2018. Young males and females come from several cities in Jordan to attend this one of a kind program that encourages the youth to be responsible, respectful, and to submit to those in positions of authority. This training program addresses the theme "The Youth and Genuine Citizenship."


Board members and key government figures, in addition to friends and distinguished partners, honor us by attending the opening ceremony and some sessions. The conference addresses some vital, untackled topics that are of great importance and relevance to the younger generation in such a time as this. This conference, titled Eureka, focuses on Epistemology and investigating the truths from its source, not sticking to positions or adopting views of unknown origin or promoter.

The workshops debate on Epistemology and the impact of the virtual worlds on man in multiple domains have social networks deformed and distorted the truth, giving insight on how to use them in a balanced manner. It also encourages the youth to have a sanctified heart so that they can live the role that God wants them to play to achieve the will of God on earth and build his kingdom.


This program is annual and sheds light on the elite class of Jordan's youth, the future leaders, and the knights of change. Here in Jordan, we believe in the Hashemite March that the Hashemites have been following since they assumed the leadership of this great country rich in history, originality, and belonging.

Our social role in ACCTS is to complete the Hashemite vision by pushing forward development despite the economic, social, and political challenges facing Jordan today.


This program not only does it build a general framework on how to think, and not what to think, but it also enables the youth to give some practical steps related to the current issues. They are encouraged to be effective, change agents who avoid negativity, and know their role towards the issues of their country. 


Some professional trainers conduct the workshops. These usually are friends or partners to the ministry. During the conference, panel discussions take place where youth have the chance to listen to experts in the field, share their concerns, and raise their questions. Specialists and society key figures usually participate in, lead the panel discussion, or share their initiatives, such as consultants, entrepreneurs, corporate trainers, lawyers, ministers or former ministers, and perhaps human rights activists, depending on the topic of discussion.


Such an annual gathering of youth uplifts us, as they are full of potential and come with a zeal for their home communities. This program grants the youth the opportunity to enjoy a networking experience of fellowship and undergo personal growth. Such gatherings grant us the opportunity to empower the youth and set an excellent example of genuine citizenship, aiming at serving our beloved homeland Jordan through building the society and promoting national unity. 


Many express the benefit they gain from the sessions we host, as they represent a platform to share insights that would help them on their journey of achievement and influence in their positions of leadership, whether in church, society, or career life.


A planned strategy of follow-up is to be implemented to hold the youth accountable and help them work out their strategic plans in the areas of their lives where change needs to take place.


ACCTS desires to see these precious youth reap the fruit of change

and therefore impact their families, and eventually, their society.



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