Balshi Min Hon - Season 3

Satellite Television Outreach - Women Stereotypes

Season 3

The third season of our TV program, Balshi min hon, shook the base of stereotypes that shaped the Arab woman's life.

September 6, 2016


Amman, Jordan (ACCTS-AWT) – On September 6, ACCTS- AWT started its third season of Balshi Min Hon Satellite Television Broadcast, which means Start from here on Arabic PLUS Channel. 

The Satellite TV broadcast aims at having a program, which empowers and equips the Arab woman so that she can pursue a change in her personal, spiritual, and social life. We aspire to motivate the Arab woman to believe in herself and embrace her abilities, eventually reaching a well-balanced life. 

Moreover, the program empowers women with biblical leadership skills based on the word of God. The broadcast motivates viewers to start a change in patterns of thinking, habits, and ways of communication, and eventually, above all, embark on their life journey with Jesus.

                                           Viewers are motivated to start a change

The third season consists of 13 episodes that Sat-7 channel aired in 2016. 

SAT-7 ARABIC channel broadcasts to 21 Arabic-speaking countries in the Middle East and North Africa. At least 400 million Arabic-speakers in the Middle East and North Africa have access to satellite TV. Thanks to SAT-7 ARABIC, 95 percent of the region’s population can turn on their television and find the very thing most needed in their troubled region: hope. 

SAT-7 ARABIC has been a positive influence on Middle Eastern society, making the Gospel available to millions of people and addressing social issues from a Christian perspective. Local believers make its programs, and at SAT-7’s studios in Egypt and Lebanon produce the majority.

For years, the world dedicated efforts to improve the situation of women all over the world. In the Arab world, the situation of women's rights has been part of the governments' agenda and plans as well. AWT also had the passion and the vision to equip and advocate the empowerment for Arab women. However, based on our experience with women for the last 17 years, we noticed that many women do not know that they have the right to live differently than the way they do. Arab women live in a culture that mistreats them. Moreover, there are many destructive practices women adopted from society, as if they were the truth, yet are unbiblical. 

The vision for this season is to shake the base of these core beliefs, stereotypes, and practices that shaped Arab women's lives and discuss how they formed them. We seek to restore God's original design for women and his good plans for them. Rigid roles and harmful masculinities framed women; hence, this new broadcast aims to see them reconciled with themselves and God.

It tackles the different aspects of women's lives, especially those affected by those stereotypes. Then, it presents a word of encouragement and the biblical view of God's thoughts towards women in each area. Finally, it provides practical steps, pieces of advice, and skills that would motivate women and help them start the change in their personal life and be change agents in her societies as well.

Discussions throughout the episodes shed light on some crucial concepts such as Gender Equality, Women Empowerment, Gender Mainstreaming, Gender Analysis, and Discrimination against Women.

Episodes tackled the following topics: Women Stereotypes, God's Boundaries VS Society's RestrictionsWomen's Needs, Women's Feelings, The Woman's Body, Women's Intellectual Capacities, Women's Values & Interests determining her behaviors, Women's Roles, Women's Professional Efficiency, Women's Talk, and The Violence Women Accept. Every episode includes some supportive, motivational questions, quotes, and statements for discussions.

Being the writers of the TV content of all seasons, we made sure not to have a content overlap in the different seasons. Taking into account, during the preparation phase, that what women face is a global issue that is in effect not only in Jordan. However, Arabs are the base of our discussion in regards to context and relevance.

We aspire from the program that women would engage in private social media conversations after watching the program, to develop a closer relationship and obtain guidance for dealing with personal needs. We also seek that women’s groups within churches outside Amman would become aware of the program and become advocates for it.

Social Media creates followers and fans who are interested in watching the program repeatedly, which boosts viewing rates. We daily follow-up with viewers through our Program Page on Facebook. Viewers include those watching TV and those watching through our YouTube channel.

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Balshi Min Hon season 3