Balshi Min Hon- Season 2

Satellite Television Outreach 

Season 2

Sat-7 TV station began to broadcast the second season of our TV program, Balshi min hon.

September 1, 2015


Amman, Jordan (ACCTS-AWT) – September 1 witnessed the broadcast of our second season of the Satellite Television Program Balshi min hon, which means Start from here

We launched the Satellite TV broadcast aiming at having a program, which empowers and equips the Arab woman so that she might pursue a change in her personal, spiritual, and social life. We aspire to motivate the Arab woman to believe in herself and embrace her abilities, eventually reaching a well-balanced life. 

We also seek from the program to empower women through biblical leadership skills based on the word of God. The broadcast motivates viewers to start a change in patterns of thinking, habits, and ways of communication, and above all, to start a difference in their life journey by following Jesus.

                                        Viewers are motivated to start a change 

This year was particular. Thirteen new episodes focused on the different aspects of a “Balanced life.” Two staff from AWT presented the program along with one volunteer. The shooting took place at Sat-7 studios, Beirut, Lebanon, and Sat-7 channel repeated the broadcast in 2016.

SAT-7 ARABIC channel broadcasts to 21 Arabic-speaking countries in the Middle East and North Africa. At least 400 million Arabic-speakers in the Middle East and North Africa have access to satellite TV. Thanks to SAT-7 ARABIC, 95 percent of the region’s population can turn on their television and find the very thing most needed in their troubled region: hope. 

SAT-7 ARABIC has been a positive influence on Middle Eastern society, making the Gospel available to millions of people and addressing social issues from a Christian perspective. Local believers make its programs, and at SAT-7’s studios in Egypt and Lebanon produce the majority.

Episodes during this season consisted of practical, real-life issues of great importance and relevance to women, such as Life Roles, Wheel of life, Delegation, Work, Service, Health, Friendship, Finance, Romance in marriage, Body language, Living Joyfully, Etiquette, and Spiritual Balance.

Since the Arab woman is living in a culture that mistreats her, we sought from this broadcast to motivate the Arab woman to step forward to the change that she needs.

                            Arab women need to step forward to start a change

Remarkably, real stories of women who shared their hearts and struggles enrich the show. You may read more life stories here

We broadcasted our first season in September 2014. Then the second season in September 2015. We poured out the heart of the ministry into 13 episodes during this second season. AWT staff members created and presented all the season’s content. The 30 to 34 minutes episode consists of three main segments: An introductory segment from outside the studio (a provoking question, vox pop or participation), presenters’ dialogue, and the spiritual message at the end. 

Recording and editing took place at SAT-7 headquarters in Lebanon. The station broadcasts the episodes weekly over a span of three months and later repeats them for another three months. Women, who have previously benefited from AWT training, use TV material. They minister in places such as Jordan, Kuwait, Cairo, and the Holy Land. We promote Balshi Min Hon to secular venues inside and outside Jordan, and at major AWT outreach events.

We aspire from the program that women would engage in private social media conversations after watching the program, to develop a closer relationship and eventually obtain guidance on personal issues. We also seek that woman groups within churches outside Amman would become aware of the program and become advocates for it.

Social Media creates followers and fans interested in watching the program repeatedly, which boosts viewing rates. We daily follow-up with viewers through our Program Page on Facebook. Viewers include those watching TV and those watching through our YouTube channel. 

The broadcast allows the viewer to hear a word of encouragement and the biblical perspective on each topic.

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Balshi Min Hon season 2