The Arab Center for Consulting and Training Services (ACCTS)
Aims to see the Arab community living in peace and harmony, empowered in spirit, soul, and body.
  • Women
    A melody that lasts

    We seek to help women discover themselves, be free to make decisions relating to their lives, and access resources to sustain themselves and develop their skills.


  • Men
    Achieving full potential

    We seek to mentor men when today's mentorship of men has been widely ignored. We do not want men to miss out on the spiritual and emotional growth being busy with today’s responsibilities.


  • Refugees
    Compassion is action

    We aim to be a host community providing a humane place of dignity and acceptance to those seeking refuge, and who are most vulnerable to sexual and gender-based violence.


  • Community
    Engage to improve

    We seek to engage in the community throughequipping individuals, and providing a secure environment and education.

  • Bridges
    Cross-cultural desire

    We desire to build deep, trusting relationships between Jordanians and Westerners. We hope to reinvigorate cross-cultural relationships by taking the lead in establishing joint partnerships.


  • Media
    Fresh inspiration

    We seek to reach millions around the world with encouragement, inspiration and follow-up and to keep pace with the latest social media trends.

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