ACCTS Newsletter

September 2020

"Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."

1 Thessalonians 5:18


Dear friends and partners,


Amid the world's instability and chaos, while we do not understand what is happening around us, we give thanks to the Lord for his goodness, faithfulness, provision and care.

We are excited to share that Ruba has achieved her targeted mileage for the Freedom Ride. She has ridden 1000 km exceeding the 800-km goal (or 630 miles exceeding the 500-mile goal)! Ruba has done her best, showed great perseverance, and confronted lots of resistance. Stand behind her to meet this worthy ministry goal.

Thank you, partners. Until this moment, you have funded $5,000 of the Freedom Ride target. Yet, we depend on you to help us achieve the $25,000 fundraising target of the initiative.

When you support a kilometer of the Freedom Ride with a gift of $30 per kilometer, you are collaborating with us in producing healthier Christian leaders, a stronger society, more women empowered for the workforce, and a chance for women to use their God-given abilities to further his Kingdom.

Will you go the extra mile with us?


Nabeeh and Ruba Abbassi

The Freedom Ride is still going strong

Women in the Middle East are eager to be equipped for success in leadership. They have the ability and desire. Unfortunately, roadblocks and dead ends fill the road before them. AWT has provided vocational and economic empowerment training for women. This type of training is and has been especially pertinent amid the global pandemic. With the new challenges our community and world is facing, it is crucial to provide them with skills to regain and continue their livelihood. What they need is for someone to go before them to help pave the way to success. That is why Ruba Abbassi embarked on a Freedom Ride to see women equipped and confident for life's journey ahead of them. 

We would love it if you took a second and shared about the Freedom Ride Campaign with others by email or social media using this link It has all the information you need, including how to make a tax-deductible contribution. We appreciate helping us to spread the word. We still need help. Together we can do it!

Ruba shared her heart on the track, "It was joyful and painful. Cycling every day was challenging. Waking up at 4:15 every day or six days a week, leaving in the dark, increasing my speed to beat the traffic, coordinating with the support people, making healthy food, and getting enough rest, in addition to doing my responsibilities. All these were quite a challenge when done in Jordan."

For more details, visit our website or our ACCTS AWT page, or join our Abbassi Corner Group on Facebook.

The Servant Leadership Training

In partnership with WiW & NEO, AWT conducted an Inductive Bible Study Training. The program seeks to build capacity and focuses exclusively on leadership development and equipping potential Arab women leaders with tools to lead, build their teams, or start their ministries. Women shared their thoughts and observations and acquired guidance to develop their communities, display authenticity, and value people. Thirty-seven women participated from nine different Arab countries, in addition to France and the USA. Thank you for being part of making this happen.

How to build my career Life

ACCTS held practical training for our Social media followers, sustaining women with essential experience building their career path. A specialist in the field led the sessions. They learned career planning, personal branding, and some job search techniques. The training added value in providing personal coaching during the training period. Participants from different Arab countries participated and shared, gaining unprecedented timely guidance that met their actual needs at this challenging time. One of them mentioned that she felt that we had tailored this training, particularly for her.

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